Cuts into a whole

Sword of mass disillusion

Slices all to one

Awareness mentoring, coaching, and therapy.

The time has come, and you say to yourself:
“Maybe I can ask for help”

Perhaps the pain of those childhood memories are haunting you.

Maybe it’s pain from that relationship you have left in body but not in mind nor heart.

You find yourself in the same spot over and over again, you’ve tried to do it on your own, but life has humbled you.

Asking for help, or better said, allowing yourself to be helped, is the beginning of reclaiming your wisdom, your connection, and remembrance.


There’s something in you that knows what it is like…

To feel joy, to know peace, to look at the world with wonder, clarity, and love.

You miss it, nothing has ever felt as real as those moments when you felt connected.

Connected to who? to what? Well, to yourself of course!
Not this body, not this mind, but the self that was never born and will never die.

You know what is like to look outside of you for that which you want, for that which you need, only finding disappointment, pain, and suffering.


Hello, I am Luis Kashdaro.

“We teach what we most need to learn.”
I seem to be living this quote from Richard Bach.
I find myself supporting others that are going through similar challenges I am experiencing as well. I often wonder if I’m helping them, or if they’re helping me.
That’s it! I remember, I say, there’s no real separation.  All these people and situations are  my teachers, reflecting back to me, the side of the mirror I have yet to polish.
The Haiku at the beginning of this page is a metaphor for the mind.  The All is mind, the universe is mental. I think of the mind as a sword.
I have made my resolve to use this sword to cut through illusion, and not cut myself into it.
Slice over and over again, until there’s no more time, no more fear, no one to help, and no others.

How can I help?

Take a look at the approaches of the services I provide.  
Whether you’re trying to regain your self-efficacy, make peace with some painful event, process, reframe, and integrate psychological wounds; or moving forward to your path of self-actualization, spirituality, and beyond, there might be a way I can be of service to you.
Find out more about my training, approaches, and background on my about page.

Contemplative Psychotherapy

Contemplative Psychotherapy

Contemplative Psychotherapy is the combination of Eastern understanding of the mind and Western Psychology.
Bring awareness to your patterns in a compassionate way.
Have me reflect your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors back to you.
Practice and embody discipline to move towards your goals.

Awareness Mentoring

Awareness Mentoring

Now that you have regained your self-efficacy, awareness mentoring is the practice of bringing such awareness to all aspects of your life.
This is the discipline of being the observer and not the doer of all that you experience. This mentoring will support you in training the mind to be used as a tool, and use it effectively, rather than being used by it.

The Indestructible Way

The Indestructible Way

Boy oh boy! this is getting real now!
This is the practice of advanced spirituality and religion.
It's so advanced, thus so simple.
A practice that reconciles all paradoxes. No crystals, astral talks, nor adoration to psychedelics in here.
The indestructible way is indestructible because it doesn't depend on anything, never born and never to die. Experience the words:
"It is not I, but the father and mother within me that doeth the works."

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